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The world is starved of principled leadership. I’m writing to help you step up and step into that void. In the next 100 days, I’ll send you a series of short lessons about every aspect of principled leadership. From personal to organizational leadership, to navigating the muddy waters of poor leadership.

I spent two years building and leading a 100+ employee, multi-million-dollar restaurant. I’ve spent over 10 years serving in leadership roles, both academic and professional. And I’ve spent my lifetime studying, emulating, learning from, and interacting with the likes of successful business owners, professional athletes, four-star generals, and political leaders. I’ve seen what excellent leadership looks like, and I’ve seen what poor leadership looks like.

These are the tactics and principles of leadership I wish someone had shown me before running a restaurant, walking 500 miles over 35 days, or writing about my parents’ battle with mental illness. I consider it both an honor and a duty to bring these lessons to you as we prepare for new challenges in work and life.

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