Become the leader, before you are ever chosen.

The chosen leader is someone who created an opportunity, not someone who waited for an opportunity to be handed to them.

The chosen leader is one who performs well, works harder than anyone else, is the first one in and last one out.

The chosen leader is one who does the work everyone else has left behind, volunteers for the toughest tasks, expects nothing in return.

The chosen leader is selfless, and generous with their time and effort.

The chosen leader is the first to take the blame, the first to give away the credit.

The chosen leader embodies the mindset, the movement, the mission.

The chosen leader knows when and how to follow, and is not threatened by others who may have a better idea.

The chosen leader is not expecting to be chosen, but the one who puts their head down, and works, day in and day out for the good of the cause.

The blueprint for a better world is right before your eyes.

Become the leader, before you are ever chosen.

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