In preparation for the upcoming launch of my Unparalleled Live course, I will be publishing a series of principles that form the foundation upon which it is built. Over the next few weeks, these posts will include additional principles on my philosophy, as well as my principles of running the course itself in an effort to paint a full picture of my vision for what you can achieve in this course, the future of work, and the future of the world.

Although these principles are numbered, I encourage you to treat them with equal weight. Some will resonate with you more than others, but they are all necessary in forging a successful path towards the unparalleled future you envision.

1. Understand leverage in the 21st century.

You cannot rely on just your time, salary, and willpower. You need to develop your understanding of modern leverage and how to use it.

Master modern leverage: product and media, so you can obtain ancient leverage: labor and capital.

2. Purpose is a process. It won’t just appear.

Most people go straight from an idea in search of their purpose. This is horribly inefficient, and akin to throwing darts in the dark. Instead, try filtering your ideas through good questions and your favorite problems–those that inspire you and motivate you to find solutions for.

Principle 2: 12 Favorite Problems

3. There is nothing more dangerous than comfort.

Your comfort zone is holding you back. Take calculated risks, head towards your fear, and in doing so, you redefine your comfort zone. Picture concentric circles. For success and meaning, you must continually expand outward.

Principle 3: Unparalleled lives push the boundaries

4. You have three brains: yours, your notes, your audience.

In the world of content creation and personal brand-building, you will need all three brains to be working efficiently and synchronously. Information is food. Your inputs determine your outputs.

Feed your brain junk, you feed your notes junk. Feed your notes junk, you feed your audience junk. Feed your audience junk, you relegate yourself to anonymity.

5. There is no such thing as writer/creative blocks.

If you’re stuck and don’t have any ideas, you’re not reading and writing enough.

  1. Open your eyes to the world around you.
  2. Discuss your observations with friends.
  3. Take notes on the most interesting and thought-provoking aspects.
  4. You will never run out of ideas.

6. “How can you achieve your 10 year plan in the next 6 months?” –Peter Thiel

Good things take time. But good things never see the light of day in the 21st century if you give yourself 10 years. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Odds are, you are underestimating yourself.

7. Productivity is about efficiency and effectiveness.

Efficiency: doing more with less. 80/20 your way to escape velocity.

Effectiveness: make the most of your time. Parkinson’s Law states that a task will take the amount of time it is allotted.

Take 2 hours to accomplish something instead of 2 days. You’ll be surprised with what you can achieve.

8. Solve the Principal-Agent problem once and for all.

Become the principal (employer) and the agent (employee) so your incentives align. The closer to one you are, the better.

There are trade-offs: you will initially have access to less resources, there will be more personal accountability, but you will reap higher rewards.

9. Forcing Functions are everything.

Don’t just will your way into building something; set forcing functions.

  • Announce your intentions to the world.
  • Buy a non-refundable plane ticket to a foreign country.
  • Pay a premium for high-quality coaching.

Get in too deep to back out.

10. Don’t wait for your future. Create it.

I spent 15 working years simply working for someone else or waiting on others for my opportunities. In a fast-changing, unpredictable world, you need the ability to create your own.

This is the essence of my Unparalleled Live online course.

If you are stuck in an unfulfilling career and don’t know what your next step should be, or if you are a creator looking to express your ideas to the world in more prolific and compelling ways, consider Unparalleled Live.

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I’m so excited for what’s ahead, and I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

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